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Northern Lights Cruises

Witness Mother Nature’s most magical lightshow

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A breathtaking spectacle

Embark on this bucket list experience that lights up the sky, while also discovering the impressive scenery that Norway has to offer.

To call them the ‘Northern Lights’ seems almost demeaning. The aurora borealis is Mother Nature’s most magical lightshow – more spectacular and breathtaking than anything you will ever encounter at a concert or theatrical performance. Blazing their beauty across an endless canvas of empty sky, the Lights glow luminous red and green in an ever-changing tapestry of textures that will alter your perspective on our world. Whether you choose to view them from shore or ship, you will marvel at the almost science fiction-like vortex of colours shifting and dancing across your eyes in a peacock display of shades that you will never want to end.

While some of us may have been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the aurora in the UK, this is a rare occurrence. For the best chance of seeing the lights, we recommend you head towards the Arctic Circle, with Norway and Iceland being top close-to-home destinations. Click here to find out more about where to see the Northern Lights to help you start planning your holiday. 


Taking a cruise to see the Northern Lights is a truly magical experience, and one that is high on many peoples’ bucket lists. As well as catching a glimpse of the dancing lights, many understandably also wish to capture the moment on camera. In countries close to the Arctic Circle, weather can change very rapidly, making it difficult to see the aurora through the clouds, let alone capture them. But with a little patience and planning, you can take a dreamy image of the lights to cherish forever. To help you to prepare to photograph the Northern Lights please take a look at our guide here