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Experienced Cruiser

Experienced Cruiser?

Think you’ve done it all? Think again. We have some amazing deals available for those of you who still want to be wowed in style.

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Let us take you on the voyage of a lifetime

You’ve got plenty of cruises under your belt. Chances are you’ve experienced a few different ships and countless destinations on several continents – so you know exactly what you like. But if you think there’s nothing new to discover, think again.

If you’ve sailed the seven seas and seen all the hotspots and celebrity hangouts, consider a river cruise in Northern Europe. The weather won’t be quite so balmy, but the scenery will be stunning – particularly if you choose to see the magnificent glaciers of unspoilt, wintry Scandinavia.

Or if you’ve taken in Europe, the Americas, Asia, the Caribbean and Australasia, we can take you to the ultimate escape of Antarctica. The only continent without a permanent population presents a truly alien landscape – an endless vista of ice sheets reflecting the sun like a dazzling white mirror, interspersed with breathtaking icebergs amid gleaming blue water. Its only inhabitants are the world’s hardiest wildlife.

Or for the cruiser who’s done it all, there’s the ultimate experience of a world cruise. Taking three or four months – or maybe even more – out of your everyday life, you will glide effortlessly from continent to continent in a journey reminiscent of the Grand Tours undertaken by the aristocracy 100 years ago. The incredible contrasts of our amazing world will become apparent as you compare palm-fringed beaches with snow-capped mountains, gleaming cities with hand-hewn villages and A-list celebrities with unpretentious locals whose lifestyles have barely changed in centuries.

Even if you’ve already undertaken a world cruise, we can find new experiences for you. Maiden cruises aboard magnificent new ships, smaller vessels visiting ports that the giants of the sea cannot reach, visits to destinations previously untouched by tourism… you name it and we can make it happen – let us make you see cruising in a whole new light.